Solar Advisory &

Project Management Consultancy

ENERGIANA’s Professional Services mission is to provide a world-class resource for consulting, development, design, field services, and operations and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) systems. ENERGIANA and its team of industry veterans bring together decades of leadership and experience in the global solar industry, and ENERGIANA is the most trusted name for quality technical expertise. Drawing from a core group of ENERGIANA staff and contractors with over 30 years of cumulative experience and various areas of PV expertise, ENERGIANA Professional Services is able to provide industry-leading assistance for all types of PV projects around the world.



An upfront investment can ensure selecting the right site, the right equipment, and the right resources, all of which maximize energy yield and lead to a successful project.

  • Site review and considerations
  • Design issues and considerations
  • Material options for modules, inverters, and balance-of-system components
  • Consultation with clients and manufacturers
  • Grid interconnection requirements and considerations
  • Off- Grid interconnection requirements and considerations
  • Electrical and building permit requirements
  • Utility rebate and incentive documentation, if applicable
  • Performance modelling and estimation
  • Assist with financial analysis of system
  • Assist with decision on whether to proceed with final design, procurement of materials, and construction
  • Assist with selection of Construction Contractor(s)
  • Optional in-person site visit depending on local design and engineering resources


Construction Plans

ENERGIANA Professional Services will deliver a complete construction plan set, with the necessary engineering and permits as required or we can provide a third-party review of the design(Design Vetting) proposed by your engineering company.

  • Site Plan and Array Layout
  • Electrical and Grounding
  • Racking Plan
  • Balance of System and Labelling
  • Equipment Pad and Mechanical Drawings
  • Data Acquisition System Plan
  • Interconnection Plan
  • Medium Voltage Plan
  • Others as required


Construction Phase Consulting

Utilize ENERGIANA’s expertise in project management and quality control and assurance, based on industry best practice and relevant Codes and Standards, to ensure a top quality PV installation.

  • Initial and on-going consultation with Construction Contractor on design implementation and construction issues
  • On-site quality control (QC) inspections with inspection reports at agreed upon progress intervals
  • Final on-site acceptance inspection report and final punch-list



Detailed commissioning is critical to system performance. ENERGIANA can provide third-party commissioning services on a variety of levels, or can review contractor documentation for accuracy, completeness, and find anomalies that may be present.

  • Final commissioning and documentation
  • Performance and energy testing of system
  • IV curve tracing and analysis
  • Creation of or verification of as-built drawings
  • Third-party inspections and review of Construction Contractor documentation


Operations, Maintenance, and Training

On-going support, preventative maintenance, and, when necessary, reactive maintenance are critical for ensuring system reliability and return on investment. ENERGIANA provides a range of services ranging from onsite, to remote analysis, to training of company personnel.

  • Remote support and data analysis
  • Development of operations manuals and maintenance checklists
  • Optional training workshop for on-site maintenance personnel or send maintenance personnel to regularly scheduled ENERGIANA workshop(s)
  • In-person inspection at first anniversary of final commissioning
  • Performance review at first anniversary of final commissioning
  • Perform or arrange for required maintenance as per manufacturer specifications in order to meet product warranty requirements
  • O&M subcontractor services
  • Warranty claim assistance and expert witness testimony
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