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Energiana Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. provides complete end to end solutions in the field of solar power generation for various types of requirements.

We leverage our industry knowledge and technology to provide ‘concept-to-completion’ or complete turn-key solutions for your energy requirements using Solar PhotoVoltaic (SPV) technology.

We make Solar Energy accessible to you. As a professionally managed company in India we provide turnkey solutions for setting up solar power units for a broad spectrum of customers. No project is too big or too small for us, once you decide to opt for this green and renewable energy resource. Homes, farmhouses, commercial establishments, institutions, industry – we have a solution for every need.

Expert Engineering, best procurements and timely project execution are our focus areas. We cater to diverse requirements ranging from 5KW to multiple of 100KW’s solar power systems. Call us for a site audit today and we will come back with a viable solution that can help you save on energy costs year after year.

Generate your own power on site and enjoy the benefits of reliable power with no recurring costs and negligible maintenance. You can also reduce their carbon footprint and avail accelerated depreciation benefits with our roof top solar solutions.

With a project life of upto 25 years or more and an optional Operation & Maintenance (O/M) contract, we ensure that you reap benefits of these clean and green power solutions without encumberances.

From Environmental Aspect

  • Never – ending, Non-polluting renewable source of energy.

  • Available during most part of the day in abundance, and the energy can be stored for later use.

  • Cleaner Alternative to Diesel, Coal, Thermal and Kerosene

  • Contributes directly to tackle the problem of Global Warming and Climatic Changes as every solar system saves some amount of CO2emission, which otherwise would have resulted from conventional resources.

From Economic Aspect

  • Various Attractive policies and incentives on Solar System installation by Central Govt., State govt. and State Nodal agencies.

  • Plant life of 25 years, and ROI in < 5 Years, after which the generated Electricity is almost FREE!

  • 40% Accelerated Tax Depreciation in the first year itself.

  • REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) trade at Power Exchange.

  • Minimal Operation & Maintenance (O&M) expenses of the plant.

Benefits of Solar Rooftop

  • Good reductions & savings in energy costs.

  • Helps fulfill Solar Purchase Obligation

  • NET – METERING or FiT for excess solar generation*

  • No extra land requirement.

  • Seamless integration with existing source of power supply.

  • Very low cost of Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

  • Reduces reliance on power grid

  • Long – term energy security compared to Diesel gensets.

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